INDUSTRIAS JACINTO HERRERO, S.L., we are a company dedicated to metal processing, cold stamping, pipe forming, flexible production, mecano-welding works and design and die construction.


VISION. We want to be recognized as the BEST COLLABORATOR for the outsourcing of metal components of the big brands, thus contributing to achieve their objectives.


to the he needs and quality of service expected by our customers; respecting the principle of responsibility with all those which help to us to achieve it (staff, suppliers, society and environment) in compliance with relevant requirements ( legal, customer,...).


of our team, it is our main competitive advantage. In keeping they motivated with a quality continuous training and making easier day-to-day, and promoting innovation, polyvalent and the continuous improvement of the company; as well as to take care of our know-how acquired in our more than 50 years of experience in our sector.


thanks to the bet on new technologies and the different production processes that give to our products a differential added value and achieving an integral management of these processes through a global supply solution: prototypes + industrialization + serial production.

About us

Industrias Jacinto Herrero was born in 1962, and although all started as a lead casting company, it soon turned into a die construction company.

Thanks to the tenacity and enthusiasm of an entrepreneurial man and the hard work of the following generations, today we have become a leading in our industrial sector within the region of Cantabria.

Nearly 50 years in this sector has made that we are able to manufacture quality products with total customer satisfaction.

Our activity is mainly based on: automotive industry, electrical appliance industry and industrial kitchen equipment. But we also work for others like Vending machines, elevators, high capacity tanks, and so on.









It is founded Jacinto Herrero Torices


After the death of the Founder becomes Talleres Jacinto Herrero


Due to productivity growth the activity moved to the Industrial state of Guarnizo and becomes Industrias Jacinto Herrero


Industrias Jacinto Herrero held its 50th anniversary


Jacinto Herrero Industries offers comprehensive service assistance so you do not have to worry about anything. All with the guarantee of quality and efficiency that we always offer and that is guaranteed by the great experience of our professionals and by the commitment of Jacinto Herrero Industries with its clients.

Integral Services Solution. PROTOTYPE + DIE + SERIAL PRODUCTION


Our Flexibility of productive means allows us the design and manufacture of prototypes.


Our KnowHow in design and manufacturing allows us to build our own tools or for our customers.


Our diversity of means and flexibility of work allows us to be a supplier of both long series and short series.


The Design and R&D department, due to their technological knowledge and cooperation with the client, they are an important reference point in the company’s strategic goal.

GOAL: the analysis and study of different proposals, determining the best adapted manufacturing process so as to produce at an appropriate cost for our customers. Autocad - SolidWorks - Cimatron – Tebis


The years of experience in the sector have made that our know-how in the design and development of our dies is a competitive advantage for our clients. We have our own proven technology for the development of dies for different tasks: Conventional - Cutting - Progressive - Transfer

Competitive advantages: We offer a complete service to all our clients; It allow us to give fast and efficient solutions to possible changes; Increase in the final quality of our products due to our control of the design process; Start-up times are shorter; We can make prototypes and pre-serial pieces to improve the production start-up processes.


The availability of a wide range of presses with different loads allows us to reach a capacity of over 60.000 pieces a day. 12 mechanical presses with a power range from 60 to 200 tons. 5 lines of automatic presses with a power range of 60, 100, 200, 250, 315, 400 and 800 tons respectively. We use MRP software for the manufacturing control and we carry out the following operations for our clients: Cutting - Stamping - Folding - Components assembly.

Competitive advantages: Combination with auxiliary operations such as welding, assembly, riveting and machining; Know-how about dies and failures reduction; High productivity thanks to the automated lines.


The ambition to provide our customers with a complete service has made us grow in other businesses. Thanks to our Technological investment directed towards one goal: be competitive. We have three robotic welding cells, we design and make our owns welding tools, which give us quickness and flexibility in our processes.

Competitive advantages: Dual-processes with manual and robotic welding; To allow us to give quick and efficient answers to possible changes; Own manufacturing welding tools.


Our commitment to the future with a large investment in technology has allowed us to have a high-performance flexible cell with a high level of automation. For that reason we have become a leading company in flexible production in Cantabria. Punching - Folding - Laser cutting

Competitive advantages: Upload and download systems for the machines; High quality of final product thanks to the great machine precision; Combination of Punching and Laser cutting works.


We have a great experience in this kind of work, especially in the hotel equipment sector. The work with our clients in the design and manufacturing of internal piping systems for kitchens and coffee machines has allowed us to reach a great number of posibilities in tube forming processes. This is possible with different materials.

Competitive advantages: An automatic system of straightening and cutting machines; Great flexibility in part number changes; Automation of processes.


Our commitment to provide technological value to our products has made us invest in a line of machining in series, which allows us to complement our processes, with operations of high precision and demand.

Competitive advantages: We offer a comprehensive service to our customers; Auxiliary operations with demanding tolerances (threaded countersunk, holes, etc.); Maximum quality and precision of our products; Rapid change systems that ensure high productivity.


We use quality assurance systems approved on ISO 9001. In addition to being certified under VDA criteria by one of our clients. We adapt the system of prevention of failures, by means of controls on foot of process, with the most advanced means of dimensional verification.

Competitive advantages: Internal metrology department; Data capture system according to real-time quality guidelines; Predictive analysis of trends in quality indicators.


Closeness, collaboration and responsiveness are our hallmarks

The satisfaction of our customers is the engine that drives us. Since our beginning we have been collaborating and giving assistance to a multitude of companies of all sizes and sectors.

We stand out for being a company with great flexibility, offering the best personalized service, so that the needs of all our clients are met in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. These are some of our customers:




Productive resources

We use homologated quality assurance systems according to ISO 9001. We use the fail-safe system, with quality controls in several steps during the process, using the state-of-the-art methods for the dimensional verification.

Due to the nature of our business and the continuous innovation in developping metal parts is necessary to progress with technical requirements. Jacinto Herrero Industries have committed themselves to technological innovation including the appropriate machines in our processes. Our main references are:

Prensa Fagor 800Tn con Línea Compacta 1000x6mm / Prensa Hidraúlica Müller 630Tn / Robot de Soldadura Panasonic VR006 / Laser Trumpf 5030 Classic y LiftMaster / Plegadora Trumpf V1300 / Punzonadora Trumpf Trumatic 2000 / Láser 3D Prima Rápido / Curvadora de Tubo BLM AST38 / Fresadora Puente Hattford 340 / Centros de Mecanizado Productivo Daewoo.


Contact and Location

Industrias Jacinto Herrero is situated near of Cantabrian motorway network Autovía del Cantábrico (S-10) and Autovía Cantabria - La Meseta (A67). This allow us to have quick access to the three main routes.

  • Address: Pol. Industrial de Guarnizo, Parcela 80
       39611 Guarnizo(Cantabria) - Spain
  • Phone: 942 51 70 80
  • Email:
  • Web:

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Quality certificates: ISO9001 / IATF

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